Ann knows how to rock.

Today (2nd February) is Imbolc, or Candlemas; it’s also the first anniversary of my having steady, gainful employment after a long period of zero income. It’s easy to nitpick about one’s job, to fuss over what could be better or would seem more comfortable, but in this day and age, I'm more into dealing with reality. I’m lucky; it’s still an incredibly rough market out there and so many skilled, talented people continue to fall by the wayside. I’m hanging tough.

Many of you checked in with me to see how things were going after Winter Storm Jonas: We had about 3 feet of snow ‘round my neck of the woods, and it took lots of shoveling, but everyone on my block chipped in and we pulled through. I made some serious headway against the snow that Saturday, with some (im)moral support from the Old Time Religion Radio Hour’s Lemmy tribute, but my ankle gave out on the Sunday. I did the right thing and rested, and I’ve got a couple more awesome milestones to celebrate:

Liz knows how to roll.

– I’ve started wearing regular shoes (as opposed to the one pair of good sneakers or the other pair of snow boots) this week, and there’s no soreness, swelling or pain.

– I took my first subway ride into Brooklyn since my accident on Friday the 29th of January, to check out Mother Feather at the Knitting Factory. There was some definite trepidation, as stairs are still not my strong point! But I made it there and back thanks to strong coffee (and Thin Lizzy on the cafe stereo!), good friends, old haunts and some blistering Rock ’n’ Roll. Shot 4 rolls of hi-speed film, we’ll see what comes of it.