What I Did On My...Vacation.


Well, it’s been a bit longer between updates than I had expected or hoped. I dislocated my ankle back in July, and I’ve spent most of the Summer and early Fall recuperating, healing and keeping my job situation stable – happily all three have been roaring successes. My cast came off in mid-September, and just last week I was told that I can switch from a walking boot to a good pair of sneakers and a compression bandage to minimize swelling.

This isn’t the first ankle injury I've sustained; I still have a plate and seven pins from a spiral break back in the Nineties. The healing process this time around was much quicker and there’s been absolutely no lingering pain, for which I am incredibly grateful. It’ll be a few more months before I’m fully recovered, but things are looking up.

I’d like to give a shout-out to some of the things, people & places that have cheered me up and kept me going through my convalescence:

Major props to Delancey Car Service for getting me to and from work, across 3 boroughs and two bridges. Nice guys, safe driving, and reasonable pricing. Uber is for suckers – better to stay local and support a Lower East Side small business.

Admittedly I’m not in the target demographic for MeTV; Boomer Nostalgia™ isn't my thing. But…watching episodes of Night Gallery in the wee hours is a beautiful experience. Also, some of those early Perry Mason episodes were pretty racy!

Mother Feather.

I really missed going out and seeing bands during my recuperation. There were a lot of good shows over the summer that I had to pass on. But this October I got back in the fray and caught Mother Feather twice at Rockwood Music Hall over on Allen & Houston Streets. MF just got signed to Metal Blade Records, and put on an incredible, no-holds-barred live show. Rockwood has three stages, all on street-level (not too many stairs, so it’s easy for me to navigate). I actually shot a roll of B&W film at the second gig – I’m a bit rusty so we’ll see how those pics come out.

Internet radio rocks! Special props to BBox Radio, Viva Radio and (back from the dead!) East Village Radio.

I finally got around to reading Life, Keef Riff-Hard’s bio. The book is at its strongest when discussing Keef’s take on the creative process, how he approaches songwriting and guitar playing; with regards to actual narrative, not so much. He could have spent less time dissing Mick and more time coming correct on the major influence Anita Pallenberg had on the band’s enduring mystique. Nevertheless, it was an interesting read.

Another book that finally got cracked open was The Hearing Trumpet by Leonora Carrington. Not only is it refreshing to read a story with an elderly female protagonist that isn’t condescending or pitying, the way Carrington used stream-of-consciousness to critique notions of senility is quite skillful. I also liked how the interaction between two major characters reflected Carrington’s long-term friendship with Remedios Varo, and the potential joy inherent in like-minded friends growing old together.

Which reminds me, my friends have been, and continue to be, amazing.

Finally, Flagship Brewery brought back the Roggenfest, a delicious combination of a Marzen/Oktoberfest and a rye beer. I honestly wish they’d make it all year, it’s THAT good.

I’ll try not to go so long between updates – thanks for being patient during this unexpected hiatus, and enjoy the changing seasons!