Apologies for not updating over the Summer; sadly this one will be fairly short as well.

Thanks to all who expressed concern for me & mine regarding The Chelsea Incident; I work far Uptown & East of the area and wasn’t around at the time. However, I completely agree with Jeremiah that the local, old-skool Chelsea haunts especially need love, support & $$$ right now.

When I haven’t been working myself stiff, or studying for school, I’ve been stretching the old legs and going for walks around East Harlem after work, finding hidden treasure and isolated outposts of hipsterism. My ankle is holding up well, and I’m back to daily commuting by subway.

Psych Sunrise.

There’s also been music, helping me to get by. I recently picked up the excellent debut by Drakkar Nowhere (courtesy of the mighty Beyond Beyond is Beyond), which has been on nonstop rotation at Casa Utherben ever since. It’s got that 10CC/Alan Parsons Project/Mike Oldfield thing going on – not to everyone’s taste! But there’s a sweet spot in my black, curmudgeonly heart for that shit. Morgan Delt’s new album Phase Zero has been another sanity-saver this summer, its West Coast psychedelic vibe synching perfectly with the amazing sunrises over Lower Manhattan that bless my AM commute.

On the heavier tip, I saw Ruby the Hatchet open for Black Mountain this past June; the devastating combo of heavy riffs and Stevie Nicks-style vocals made me swoon. I’ve been digging Salem’s Pot’s new disc as well, but would like to see them live (preferably on a double-bill with Electric Citizen, whose recent album is a MUST for lovers of old-skool NWOBHM and straight-up hard rock) before my mind’s fully made up – particularly where the vocals are concerned.

Chicks With Ricks.

Recent shows: caught the superlative White Mystery at a joint right off the Myrtle Avenue stop in Bushwick, and Annique Monet opening for Heaters in Billyburg. Manhattan is becoming harder & harder to play live, though there are still some holdouts – Brooklyn is where live music is happening these days. My photos were not up to par for either gig; I have to break down and seriously look at 35mm digital cameras, particularly in terms of handling low-light photography.

Upcoming shows: Very excited that Kikagaku Moyo is coming to NYC – it takes immense nerve to cover Ananda Shankar, and they totally rock it! (The rest of that album is brill also.) Mid-October brings another Riding Easy Records kickarse double-bill, Mondo Drag and The Well (whose new release I intend to pick up at the gig), then Temples grace our shores right around Samhain. (I'm VERY curious to see if they sound as good live!!!)

After that? I’ll be on on VACATION, which may be the next time I’ll update. Have a funky Fall and an audacious Autumn, peeps!