Keep Your Sunny Side Up.

Updates, I have updates:

A blogpost about my current work neighborhood – yes, with photos – is finally up at the Psychogeography section. It took some time for me to write; I needed to wander around a bit and soak up the vibe before I could get everything I wanted to say on paper (then pixels). While the area can definitely be a shitshow at times, my camera and I seek out the sweeter, mellower parts of the ‘hood – the bits that too often get overlooked.

The photo of the lovely Gilded Age dress was taken at the Museum of the City of New York during the Museum Mile Festival.

Due to my new work schedule, I haven’t been doing too many live shows; one exception was Annique Monet’s recent gig at Baby’s All Right. While the roll I shot that night still awaits development, the three best iPhone pics are right here in the Portfolio. Annique has a lot of potential, her new album (er, cassette!) is growing on me like a trippy fungus.

Speaking of new albums…the ‘90s are back. Usually such a statement would cause me to stifle a yawn, but this is Faith No More and Therapy? we’re talking about – two of the most original and forward-thinking bands from that era. Both Sol Invictus and Disquiet kick massive amounts of ass, and will no doubt end up on many a Best Of list around Chrimbo time.

The Solstice will soon be upon us; I’ll be welcoming Summer in by attending the LUMEN festival on the 20th. Last year it was held at an industrial salt factory very close to Casa Utherben; I enjoyed the gritty vibe (and being right on the water), but Snug Harbor is rather charming as well…and very accommodating towards the Staten Island arts scene. Photos to come!