The Potamkin Sisters of 128th Street.

Finally, it’s Spring! And of course, we’re due for some heavy snow this evening. Here’s a photo from the last snowfall, taken during my morning commute.

But things have been going really well, so no complaints. Today I’ve been working on the backlog of photos from the past month, not just from my recent trip to Cali but also some earlier art exhibits I meant to write about last month.

Red Book

I hope to discuss a showing of prints taken from C.G. Jung’s Red Book in the near future; however, my post on the Language of the Birds exhibit is up! Go check it out in the Psychogeography section.

Another post that I hope to get online soon revolves around my aforementioned trip to California, specifically Sonoma County. It rained the entire week I was there – which was great, as the Bay Area sorely needed the moisture! It certainly didn’t stop me from browsing through bookstores, gazing out over the Pacific Ocean, drinking lots of lovely wine & beer, deeply shocking the proprietors of an antique shop with my fondness for Wisconsin Death Trip, and having fun with my friends. Also, I got to pet a wonderfully sweet cat.


So let’s enjoy the extra daylight hours, despite the lingering touch of Winter; soon there will be warmth, and flowers, and more Rock Shows at the Concertgebow…er, Bowery Electric.