All She Had Was The Blood On Her Hand.

Storylandia 15.

I have ideas for longer blog posts percolating in my head, and accompanying photos quietly chilling in my Pixelmator folder, but sadly no time to sit down and get writing and coding. So here instead is a brief post to celebrate a friend’s good fortune.

Earlier this month Wapshott Press released Storylandia 15; the featured author this time around is the phantasmagorically fabulous Julie Travis, with five tales of atmospheric, vibrant and thought-provoking slipstream horror. Her work is terrific, in that it’s both well-crafted and inspires absolute terror. She’s been included in in various anthologies, and she’s done some self-publishing, but as far as I know this is the first literary journal issue specifically dedicated to her work...and I’m seriously fucking proud of her. Rock on, Julie!