The clock is ticking down on my week-long vacation; a lot got done, but I keenly felt my physical limitations like never before. It's hard to tell if that's just age, or a need to make even more lifestyle changes in a year that's already overwhelming on that score. Yet there were also moments where I felt I was exactly where I needed to be – the right place at the right moment.

You Done Goofed, Kid.

Class is going well, although I botched my first test of the semester (82%, FFS!). Monday night isn’t the greatest time to take a class whilst working full-time, but I wanted to study with this teacher again and this was the only option to do so. She suggests I take the advanced post-certificate class, which focuses on review for the AIPB test – but I’m not sure I can handle the required courseload on top of my job.

My continuing education student status also allows me to attend CPA seminars, which is how I spent my Halloween. The focus was on tax planning for major life changes: severe illness or death of an elder, retirement, job loss or a new career. Despite being geared for accountants, the seminar was relevant to my interests and not so technical that I felt out of my depth.

Samhain Street Art.

I also expanded my cultural horizons by checking out both the Gay Gotham exhibit at the MCNY and the Neue Galerie's "Klimt and the Women of Vienna's Golden Age". Both were incredibly beautiful and life-affirming, yet both had deep currents of loss and horror coursing through them.

The ankle and leg steadily improve, but there’ve been moments of cramping and pain; possibly the change of weather, or not pacing myself as well as I should. I missed out on a much-anticipated DJ set because my leg seized up after a day of running errands down the LES.

Top Floor Ferry View.

I didn't do any of the usual things one does for Samhain or Halloween (although it could be said that I was disguised as a Certified Public Accountant!), but much of this past week was spent in deep contemplation of age, mortality, survival, planning for the future, nostalgia for the past, and grieving for the dead. The wheel of the year turns anew, with much foreboding and possible disaster; I plan to stay focused on my goals, take care of myself and keep breathing.